If being certain, is your priority!

As the world’s most innovating hardness testing instruments manufacturer, INNOVATEST provides fit to purpose and fit to budget hardness testing solutions.

Top quality instruments meeting or exceeding all applicable global standards such as ASTM, DIN-ISO, JIS, and GB.
Our testers are subjected to direct and indirect verification procedures as a final proof of compliance to standards. Each model can be complemented with a wide range of calibration blocks and indentors traceable to ISO or ASTM standards. 
Following customers requirements we have developed a comprehensive range of accessories  such as special fixtures and automatic measuring systems based on motorized 3, 4 or 5 axis CNC work piece positioning. Our engineers have unparallelled experience in developing customized solutions in case the product that fits best to your requirements can't be found in our standard range.

A unique global service system, while being locally represented in many countries. With dedicated manufacturing, sales, service and R&D facilities around the world we can assure you of excellent service, state of the art product development and high quality, efficient, cost effective, manufacturing.

INNOVATEST develops & manufactures hardness testing instruments, accesories, hardness testing related machine vision systems and tester automation.The company further supplies a range of optical inspection equipment and portable testing instruments.  A reliable range of products, -fit to any budget- offering both traditional and state-of-the-art technology.


 INNOVATEST Europe BV is a member of the INNOVATECH Holding BV Group of Companies


We participate at CONTROL 2014 in Stuttgart showing some of the latest products in our range!

Publication date: 18/04/2014
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The Falcon 500 series, a unique range of more then 20 models, top quality Micro & Macro Vickers testing...


Publication date: 29/11/2013
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Unique new Brinell hardness tester with Brinell Indent Optical Scanner



Publication date: 14/10/2013
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